Give Hope
for Healing

We are committed to serving everyone who seeks care – regardless of their ability to pay. By using a comprehensive, integrated approach to care, we are able to provide support and services for individuals ages 16 and older through mental health counseling and limited case management services.​

Meeting with a counselor can lead to the diagnosis and treatment of illness and can be the key to hope and healing. By donating $260 you can provide four counseling sessions for someone in need.​

Case management at the Center of Hope for Behavioral Health is a coordinated effort to provide quality health care solutions that address the unique needs of someone in need of a higher level of support. For $25 you can provide 1 unit (15 mins) of case management. Units may be bundled to help provide ongoing case management support, up to 3 hours per month.

Your donation will allow us to continue providing services to those who are uninsured, unable to pay and living with mental health and substance use issues. Every dollar donated is used to help support individuals toward healthy and fulfilled lives.