Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Exploring your feelings and beliefs in a safe, welcoming and non judgmental environment can help you get unstuck. Individual counseling involves one-on-one sessions, with a trained mental health clinician, within a therapeutic setting to help you navigate pain and shame towards healing and hope. This partnership will help you in your journey to understand yourself better and cope with whatever challenges you are facing.

Case Management

Case management services at the Center of Hope for Behavioral Health is a coordinated effort to provide quality health care solutions that address the unique needs of someone in need of a higher level of support. Your counselor will work with you and determine if you qualify for additional services.

Couple Counseling

Managing relationships, blending families, and pre-marital counseling are among reasons couples seek an external professional perspective. Counseling sessions occur within a safe, neutral environment to obtain the skills needed to improve and/or enhance your relationship.

Family Counseling

Family dynamics can be challenging to navigate without a trained counselor working to improve cohesiveness within a neutral therapeutic setting. Family counseling may actively involve members of your immediate or extended family or significant others. When the family unit communicates within a therapeutic setting it allows the counselor to address the needs of everyone simultaneously.


Are you overwhelmed by your child’s behavior? Are you unsure if changes in your child’s behavior reflect the normal challenges in child development or are signs and symptoms of complex or emerging issues? Counseling for children and adolescents allows them to learn more about themselves, their strengths and how to problem-solve obstacles in their lives. Starting with an initial assessment our trained counselors will identify current issues and develop a plan to reduce distress and regulate emotions.

Group Counseling

There is something about a shared space with others who have been where you have been or are in a similar emotional place you are in now. Group counseling is developed when 5 - 8 individuals come together and participate in a therapeutic group setting, learning from each other regarding a similar behavior and/or life experiences with one or more mental health professional (s).

Consulting and Speaking

Consulting, workshops, and presentations for groups and organizations in a variety of areas regarding behavioral health and wellness are available.
You may email Ms. Morenike Murphy at to set up a free consultation to discuss a customized presentation or workshop for your organization.

Adult Residential Services

The Center of Hope for Behavioral Health (The Center) was founded January 2019, with a mission to improve the quality of life of individuals and families by compassionately advocating for them, and by addressing their mental health and community-support needs.  The Center believes that access to safe, affordable housing supports a person’s physical and mental health and healing. In 2021, The Center expanded services to the development of Matthew House, quality and affordable permanent housing for individuals in need of behavioral health support. Matthew House will provide a caring living environment where individuals have support with gaining self-sufficiency and ultimately making progress to return to the community independently. The construction of Matthew House was funded in part by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Creating Affordable Housing Grant. 

Matthew House was named after one of Jesus’s disciples. The idea that Jesus picked 12 whom others believed were no good, and with them, He changed the world. The Center plans to develop 11 Houses named after each of Jesus’s disciples over the next 10 years. Matthew House was designed by mental health professionals and persons with lived experience, specifically to create an environment of community, healing, change and hope. The backyard pavilion, affectionately named the Genesis Room, was designed as a modernized sensory room. The Genesis Room is a quiet communal space to meditate, practice mindfulness, convene group meetings, and have privacy while visiting with family. Community is who we are at The Center and we appreciate your financial support to continue giving hope to those whom others believed were no good.

Substance Abuse Services

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Center of Hope for Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient program follows Hazeldon’s Living in Balance model, and is for individuals who require a concentrated treatment program including group therapy and educational sessions. Living in Balance is a research based, practical, substance abuse treatment curriculum that helps individuals address issues in lifestyle areas that may have been neglected during addiction. Participants will identify situations that trigger cravings and pinpoint the decisions that can lead to drug use. Participants will also develop immediate alternatives to drug use and implement a long-term plan for full recovery, including relapse prevention.

Individual and Family Counseling

Case management services at the Center of Hope for Behavioral Health is a coordinated effort to provide quality health care solutions that address the unique needs of someone in need of a higher level of support. Your counselor will work with you and determine if you qualify for additional services.

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Research shows that prolonged internalized stress can show up as physical symptoms. Also, physical symptoms can exacerbate mental health symptoms. Integrated Behavioral Healthcare is a collaborative form of care that includes your team of physicians, nurses, and our behavioral health providers, who work together to help you feel whole again by addressing your physical and emotional needs. If you do not have a primary care physician, through our partnership with a local medical group, we will facilitate connecting you with care and begin your integrated behavioral healthcare treatment plan. If you have a primary care physician, your counselor will work with you to connect with your medical team and coordinate care. Schedule your initial appointment with a counselor today.