Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy is a powerful tool that unlocks your innate healing abilities through the use of miniatures and sand. Regardless of your age, you can overcome your challenges with this innovative technique. Our approach combines talk therapy with Sandplay Therapy for a truly holistic and transformative experience. Through the power of play, you can reach new heights of discovery and growth. As we go through life, it’s easy to forget how important play can be for our emotional well-being. We may feel like we need more time for creativity or that it could be more productive. But play can help us explore and grow in ways we never thought possible. It’s a powerful tool that can help you tap into your innate healing abilities through the use of miniatures and sand. Regardless of your age, Sandplay Therapy can be an effective way to overcome your challenges and reach new heights of discovery and growth. Combining talk therapy with Sandplay Therapy can create a truly transformative and holistic experience.

Why does the word sandplay have “play” in it? Is it only for kids?
Sandplay therapy is effective with adults as well as children. Sandplay was initially coined by Dora Kalff, the founder, from the German word “sandspiel.” Children and adults work in the sand to create places and worlds that express their inner conflicts and tensions and find perspective on their issues.

What is the purpose of the miniature figures in sandplay?
Figures and objects from culture and nature symbolize events and situations in our inner and outer lives. We select and place objects and move the sand to create scenes expressing our most profound concerns.

Meet Lynne! – one of our incredible team members. Her unwavering commitment and proficiency make Lynne an invaluable mental health community asset. Her specialty lies in Sandplay Therapy, an innovative approach that employs a sand tray and miniatures to assist clients in processing and assimilating hardships related to trauma, loss, and grief. Lynne’s utilization of other therapeutic modalities, such as play therapy, client centered therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, ensures her clients receive the best possible care. What truly sets Lynne apart is her passion for using creative methods to help clients unlock their inner potential. Through expressive arts, Lynne helps individuals gain deeper insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, empowering them to embrace their unique identity and achieve their goals. Her expertise, combined with her warm and engaging personality, will make you feel right at home. Lynne works with children, adolescents, and emerging adults.

A note from Lynne: “Play is not only fun, it is a way of working through things we may not understand. Through play we can be curious, discover solutions, and grow. I look forward to meeting you and/or your child.”

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