Addiction Recovery Support

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Center of Hope for Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient program follows Hazeldon’s Living in Balance model, and is for individuals who require a concentrated treatment program including group therapy and educational sessions. Living in Balance is a research based, practical, substance abuse treatment curriculum that helps individuals address issues in lifestyle areas that may have been neglected during addiction. Participants will identify situations that trigger cravings and pinpoint the decisions that can lead to drug use. Participants will also develop immediate alternatives to drug use and implement a long-term plan for full recovery, including relapse prevention. IOP meets three times per week and participants are expected to attend all 24 sessions. Successful completion of the IOP program is based on participation, attendance, and progress.

Adult Residential Services

Coming Soon!

The Center of Hope for Behavioral Health Residential Services support individuals working towards mental health and/or substance use recovery. The goal of this program is to provide a safe, sober and caring living environment where individuals have support with gaining self-sufficiency and ultimately making progress to return to the community independently. More information coming soon…